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Remote Power Cycling

All ColoServe customers receive remote power cycling capability at no additional cost! If your server locks up and requires a manual reboot, you could be forced to wait for a technician to do a manual reboot, or be forced to come down to their data center yourself. Why wait while your business is losing money?

With ColoServe, you can log in to our secure, password protected customer portal and instantly reboot your own servers. All customers are connected to BayTech remote power controllers (RPCs), each of which has twelve individually controlled AC power receptacles. These RPCs interface with a private network of remote switch modules that allow you to turn-on, turn-off, or reboot your servers over a secure interface on the ColoServe customer portal.

In addition to allowing our customers to quickly reboot their servers, the remote power cycling hardware also monitors current, voltage, power and temperature -- ensuring that all servers have reliable power and preventing any potential overload situations. The RPC units also report back on the status of any power outlet (on, off, rebooting), and provide a response to indicate that any commands you issued were acknowledged and completed.

Remote power cycling is currently available FREE for all ColoServe customers. Get total control over your server with this feature that other companies can't match. To find out more, contact sales or get a quote today!