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Network Architecture

Screaming-Fast Network™

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Screaming-Fast Network™

At ColoServe, we take network performance seriously. Get the Bay Area's best colocation bandwidth, five major backbones in one easy connection.

All ColoServe colocation packages include full 100Mbps connections on what we call our Screaming-Fast Network™ -- a network we’ve built over the past 5 years with unmatched speed, performance and worldwide connectivity. A network that received an A+ Certification rating from Keynote Systems, the Internet Performance Authority®. And a network that is backed up by a Service Level Agreement that breaks new ground in terms of network performance guarantees. If this is the type of network performance and reliability you require to run your Internet business, ColoServe is your best choice for San Francisco colocation.

A+ Keynote Certified Network

ColoServe scored an A+ rating from Keynote Systems, Inc., The Internet Performance Authority®. ColoServe received the A+ rating after passing a 30-day quality assurance test, which measured the performance and availability of our network and streaming services to end-users worldwide.

Full 100Mbps & Gigabit Connections

Many hosting companies limit your bandwidth and throughput to 10Mbps or less. At ColoServe you always get a full 100Mbps fast Ethernet connection to the Internet for maximum performance, no throttling or rate limiting. And Gigabit ports are even available as an upgrade. You may not always want a full 100Mbps, but you can rest assured that the power and speed is there for you when you do.

Screaming-Fast Network™ Maps

ColoServe’s Screaming-Fast Network™ is composed of only the best, Tier 1 network providers, with no low quality or discount bandwidth. Our network features multiple, redundant fiber routes for maximum network flexibility and reliability and a choice of Internet backbone routes, with over 6 Gbps of total capacity and BGP routing to send your data out the fastest route possible.

10,000% Guaranteed™ Service Level Agreement

When we talk about our Screaming-Fast Network™ here at ColoServe, it isn’t a marketing gimmick. We back up our claims with an industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) that specifies maximum latency, jitter, and packet loss guarantees on our network in great detail. And we openly publish not only our complete SLA but our network speed tests and real-time latency data to 39 different networks worldwide. See for yourself how fast we really are.

ServePOP™ Content Delivery Network

In 2006 ColoServe expanded its Screaming-Fast Network™ beyond our San Francisco headquarters, with the first deployed Points-of-Presence (POPs) of our Content Delivery Network opening in New York and Liepzig, Germany. These global Points-of-Presence enable us to offer worldwide streaming, file downloads, and other content distribution to points closer to your end users, no matter where they are. ColoServe also offers global load balancing and offsite data replication to customers who demand the highest performance possible for their applications.

24/7 Network Operations Center

ColoServe's Network Operations Center (NOC) is built right in the center of our data center, and is staffed 24/7/365 by certified systems administrators and network engineers. The 21 screens that make up our NOC monitor everything from network traffic and performance to power, temperature and security systems to services, applications, known vulnerabilities and RAID array status on customer servers.