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Device Specifications
Number of Interfaces: 5 10/100 Ethernet
Maximum Addresses in Trusted Interfaces: 10
Maximum Throughput: 75 Mbps (20 Mbps 3DES VPN)
Number of Sessions: 2,000
Maximum VPN Tunnels: 10
Maximum Policies: 100
Maximum Security Zones: 2 (3 with home/work zones)
Maximum Virtual Routers: 2
Routing Protocol Support: RIP v.2, OSPF, BGP
Redundant Connections with Dual Untrust Support: Yes
Embedded Antivirus: Yes
More specifications
Netscreen full specifications PDF

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NetScreen Managed Firewall

Today, security is more important than ever for your Internet presence. That is why ColoServe now offers an affordable, managed, dedicated firewall service to our colocation customers.

The NetScreen-5GT is a feature rich enterprise-class network security solution with one Untrust 10/100 Ethernet port, four Trust 10/100 Ethernet ports, a console port and a modem port. Using the same firewall, VPN, and DoS mitigation technology as NetScreen’s high-end central site products, the NetScreen-5GT is fully capable of securing your dedicated hosting environment. The NetScreen-5GT also supports embedded virus scanning using Trend Micro’s antivirus technology.

The NetScreen is also an excellent front-end to a multi-server private network, since it provides both protection and an integrated 4 port switch. Best of all, this managed, dedicated firewall is available for just $149.99/month (99.99 setup).

Netscreen Features:

  1. Traditional firewall – Network attack & DoS prevention, IP address & port filtering
  2. Application Layer Attack Prevention – worms, trojans, etc.
  3. Gateway Virus Protection – TrendMicro’s antivirus scanning engine built in
  4. VPN – 10 IPSec tunnels included, 3DES (168 bit) and AES Encryption

Included Managed Services:

  1. Initial setup of the firewall.
  2. Maintenance (Add/ Delete/Modify) and management of the your specific policies on the Firewall
  3. System administration for firewall, including updates and hot fixes that affect performance of firewall.
  4. Firewall configuration data backup whenever there is a configuration change
  5. Copies of log file reports for past 7 days can be Emailed upon request

More specifications

Read the Netscreen 5gt full specifications PDF