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Managed Load Balancing Services

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Colocation Bandwidth

ColoServe offers a full range of convenient and affordable bandwidth options. Our multi-homed bandwidth (UUNet, Level 3, NTT/Verio, AboveNet and PAIX) is ready to go and available in a single ethernet drop. Our screaming-fast network also peers with more than 40 others at PAIX, the Palo Alto Internet Exchange.

Special Bandwidth Offers
Total Cost
Cross Connect
Cross Connect Fee
Metered per 1Mbps
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Unmetered 10Mbps
Unmetered 100Mbps
*Limit one per customer. Unmetered circuit must be Customer's only Internet connection with ColoServe.
** Waived with Colocation space purchase.

For those who wish to arrange for their own bandwidth, we do offer carrier neutral options. MCI and Looking Glass Networks equipment is installed in our data center for T1, T3 or Gig-E cross connects, and AT&T, SBC / Pacific Bell, Qwest, IP Networks and / MFN are also available in the building.

Ethernet Data Services

Integrate Colocation, Disaster Recovery, Internet access and offsite backup to your existing office network with ColoServe's Ethernet Data Solutions. Our metro Ethernet-based services can increase the performance of your network and eliminate many of the complexities of working with WAN technologies. ColoServe's holistic approach will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on your business and not be limited by your infrastructure.

  • LanExtender - Extend your office network into a data center for better performance and reliability with the same instant access and secure connection as if your servers were still in your office. Learn more about LanExtender
  • NetExtender - Extend your Internet reach with high-speed access over metro Ethernet. Get more bandwidth and more Tier-1 connections, often for less than the cost of multiple traditional Telco circuits. Learn more about NetExtender
  • DataExtender - Extend your data backups off-site for disaster recovery with a high speed, private Internet connection to remove bandwidth bottlenecks and ensure fast data delivery. Learn more about DataExtender

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